Vienne – Budapest

Berlin – Prague

D24-25 : With a little help from the Deutsche Bahn (well.. not too much.. one train was cancelled and the other late…), we discovered the fantastic maker community of Berlin. We started with C-base (see the focus later in the NL), were interviewed by Philip Steffan from Make Magazin Deutschland, took a coffee in the coworking space Betahaus and finished with the impressive Fablab Berlin and its impressive machines. The day ended with a victory from the French soccer team against Germany, that we celebrated in the French bar of Berlin. No time to rest !

D26-27: Heading on Dresden now ! We had quite an adventurous day : leaving late Berlin and breaking our 4th saddlebag led us with 80 more kilometers to go at 3pm… (without even knowing where to sleep as the camping we called said they were full…). We finally survived and arrived in the magnificent city along the Elbe !

D28: We decided to take a well-deserved rest in the city, after a week of running (and cycling !) everywhere without breaks ! We enjoyed spending some time visiting the city and cooling down at the swimming-pool (good for the muscles !). The heat is overwhelming, we are beginning to realize cycling in Italy will be hard.

D29: 4th border to be crossed: Czech Republic here we come ! We rode along the Elbe during the first day, and then took a short cut across the mountains to reach Litomerice and the camping. Exhilarating descent at sunset and midnight bath in the river : we are forging unforgettable memories !

D30-31 : One more day of cycling and we reach Prague. A visit in BRM Lab made us review our engineering classes : particle accelerator, gamma spectrometer, Tesla pile, 40A transformer, electrophoresis cell, radio transmitters, bitcoin dispenser… they had everything !

Amsterdam – Brême

D17-18-19-20: We decided to change a bit our itinerary to go even norther ! Passing by Alkmaar and the Kaasfabriek, Leeuwarden through the Afsluidijk, Groningen and the Maakplek. Nice encounters before leaving the Netherlands!
We’ve done more than 1,000 km !

D21-22: We crossed our 3rd border and arrived in Germany ! Under quite changing weather, we strolled through the peaceful countryside, enjoyed a little detour through Delft Sail festival and finally arrived in Bremen.

D23 : In Bremen, we have the chance to visit 2 complementary structures, Fablab Bremen and Hackerspace Bremen. While the first is moving out in the center of the city and focuses on education, the latter wants to demystify the hacking movement by emphasizing on the positive projects they make.

Bruxelles – Amsterdam

D11-12-13: We’re traveling through Belgium and arriving in the Netherlands. The road is really flat, bicycle lanes are everywhere : cycling is a real pleasure ! We enjoyed the visit of the magnificent city of Anvers (Antwerpen in Dutch). Cécile hosted us in Tilburg, with a delicious Chineese rice (with some peanut sauce typically Dutch). Cycling towards Utrecht seemed like hell : 30 km alongside the highway and the other half with the rain ! But what a reward at the end ! Utrecht is the city you can dream of !

D14-15-16: We changed our plans and decided to stay 2 days in Utrecht, hosted by the the welcoming Bart and Rozemarijn from the minifablab. After a visit of the town, we left for Amsterdam where Bart toured us around the Waag, which he co-founded (and which was hosting a hackathon at the same time). We also visited the ZB45, with a striving community.

Lille – Bruxelles

D7: We’re on the road again: 125 km under a nice and sunny weather, all the way to Bruxelles.

D8-9-10: Bruxelles is really a maker city, with lots of opportunities. We were glad to visit Microfactory with a family atmosphere, Urlab managed by students in computer science, iMAL binding fablab and art and Openfab building a strong community. We also met Yannick and Milena from Velo m2, with a cool project of modular bikes and mobile fablab, and had a rich encounter with Jérôme of Ocalia, our partner.

Paris – Lille

J1 : Départ à l’heure du déjeuner du Tour d’Europe Fab Bike depuis le Trocadéro à Paris. Nous avons quelques jours de vélos pour gagner le nord de la France et effectuer nos premières visites. Ce J1 est une étape de 80 km qui nous permet de nous familiariser avec nos nouvelles montures Giant

J2 : Deuxième jour plus chargé ! Nous avons parcouru plus d’une centaine de kilomètres sous un ciel noir et une pluie battante. Rien n’entame notre moral et notre détermination ! Nous sommes désormais à Amiens.

D3-4: Only two stages left to reach Lille. History is clearly visible in the territory : coal tips, Vimy memorial… We managed to make our way through thousands of English drunk supporters in Arras and Lens.

D5-6: Now is the time to visit our first makerspaces of the Tour : Bricolab in TerAdeo, Fabricarium in Polytech Lille, Imagine&Make in Centrale Lille, ABL in Université Lille 1 and Trezorium for children. Many interesting discussions (sometimes until late: 2am) about the philosophy and the future of the movement.